For a Handful of Water

The Tower of Terror

A friendly face will help the party make their way to the top.

The group finds itself in the basement continuing to plot how they’re going to topple The Chairman, when a face from the other room suddenly recognizes them – it’s Toby!

Toby was one of the 10 “volunteers” from The People that were taken by The Other Ark. Toby is a Slave turned over by Johammad. The group finds out that he has been used as slave labor (as have the other 4 men from The People) to turn the power generating wheel. He is unsure where the 5 women were taken.

The group frees him, and Toby uses his closeness with Naphta to secure them a few vital supplies. Crackers, meanwhile, spends his time investigating fixtures in the basement. He finds that the metal tubes that show up in every room are all connected. After a short sojourn into them, he learns that they lead throughout the building. A plan!

The group enters the air ducts and climbs up to the third floor – above the last floor guards are posted. They successfully avoid the traps in the stairwell and make it to the 23rd floor – just below where people are living. Juey and Toby use stealth to take down the 2 guards at the stairwell guarding the 24th floor, and the group sneaks up to the inner stairs to the 25th floor (the penthouse).

Toby has the rest of the group hide while he heads up to where the elevator and the entrance to The Chairman’s penthouse is. Unfortunately, he fails to notice the two guards waiting just behind and out of sight of the elevator. Ambush!



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