For a Handful of Water

The Showdown

The group faces off with The Chairman and his elite guard.

The group begins the night fighting the guards in front of The Chairman’s office right away. Unknown to them, this meant that Rebeth was still downstairs at the caravan to the other Ark, and was getting ready to aprehend the group.

The enter the chairman’s chamber and Obi Wan once put it – “The negotiations were short.”

The rest of the night turned into a slugfest, with players going down, getting revived, and The Chairman’s forces doing the same. Rebeth shows up a few minutes into the fight and begins to turn things around until some daring plays by Lelu and Victor. In the end, most of the party is down when they finally defeat Rebeth and capture The Chairman.

Fortunately, the wounds to Victor let him finish out the battle, but right at the end, the unknown parasites that have been growing inside him erupt – spattering the group with gore. They are too startled to catch the first slithering horror, but try to catch the next few and unfortunately fail. What new horror has been unleashed on The Other Ark and how will they handle it?

At this point, the campaign is taking an indefinite pause to try some other RPGs. If/when it picks up, the players will need to decide what they’re going to do with The Chairman and Rebeth, and what they’ll do with The Other Ark.



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