For a Handful of Water

Into the Viper's Nest

The group makes it to The Other Ark and plots

After making it out of the train station, the group is badly wounded and head back to the expedition from The Other Ark with Krin. The party argues for a while, and the other expedition decides to head back.

The group decides to follow, but after a short time, they have to face up to the Rot level in the zone (Rot Level 2). After making a couple rolls, 2 of the party members succumb to their wounds. The surviving members debate what to do, when the other expedition turns back to find out why they’re lagging. Fearful that the women might just kill them all and steal their supplies, they instead are able to get them healed and continue on.

When they arrive at The Other Ark, they are greeted similarly to their original expedition – men are treated with indifference, and Lelu is treated well. They get a badly needed decontamination, and then meetup to discuss how to proceed. After they spend the night, they meet up with Krin, who once again shows them to Naphta. They get a proposition for supplies to overthrow The Chairman but they decline, deciding the price is too high.

In the end, they spend a great amount of time debating how to proceed, until it’s almost time for the war buses to head back to The People and gather more “voluntary laborers”. The group is almost out of time, and will need to decide how to stop The Chairman quickly – without getting themselves in too much hot water.



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