For a Handful of Water

The Other Ark

Week 7

The group had learned quite a bit about The Other Ark and some of the dangers it held. The Chairman and Rebeth, his right hand mutant, told them they would be heading to the party’s Ark to establish relations, but before they could leave, they PCs were approached by Krin – a Stalker from The Other Ark.

Krin filled them in on what was happening with the men, how the Other Ark’s power operated and more about their struggles with the Zone Ghouls. In the end, she asked them if they would aid her in overthrowing The Chairman. To begin, they needed to talk to the lead Gearhead – Naphta and see if they could get her on board for the revolution.

The group talked with Naphta, but in the end, didn’t feel like they could do it. They ended up getting on a War Bus with Rebeth. The bus from the old age, covered in armor and spikes, with a cannon mounted on top carried them back to The People’s Ark. The trip back was uneventful, and when they arrived, all The People came out to greet the newly discovered tribe.

As promised, Rebeth brought the medicine to cure The People’s Zone Fever, and a supply of dried meat as a gift to establish relations. The group held an Assembly and during it, Jeff lobbied hard to get a leg up of trading with the new neighbors. The player characters tried to counter Jeff’s lobbying, but failed, and Rebeth spent the night in Jeff’s compound.

The next day, an Assembly was held, and during it, Jeff pressured Juey to have his group start work on a Slave Market, promising to then sell Tatianna to Juey. The group decided against this, and in the end even Juey worked on Croplands instead. After watching and learning from the people for several days, the people from The Other Ark decided to return home, only to find that someone had stolen their fuel supply (Jerrycan with 10 doses of gasoline (Artifact))l Rebeth was furious, and the party came up with a plan to make her believe that “automatons” had stolen it, and the plan worked. The visitors ended up siphoning the fuel from the flamethrower to get home.



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