For a Handful of Water

The Escape

Week 10

The group’s fight with the automatons goes well with minimal losses. They speak with 573v3 for a moment before realizing that there is a large security force coming from the 5th floor. They decide to get while they can, and with a series of good rolls, they make it out of the compound and into cover as automatons swarm the facility (they see about 20-30).

As the party recovers, they quickly find there are Zone Ghouls prowling everywhere, looking for the strangers who were able to get into the facility and the source of all the alarm klaxons. The group successfully sneaks away and realizes they need to get back to The Ark to recover.

The party walks in the main entrance after nightfall, and wake Max’s connection, Jonar the Fixer, to find out who might be able to figure out their new Artifact weapons. Unfortunately, Kruger the Gearhead, is asleep and the party decides to meet him tomorrow.

The party decides to all stay together in Lelu’s den, to guard their new treasures, but Jeff has gotten word the party has returned. He sends his goons to let the party know he’s displeased and wants to talk to them. There is a small fire, which the party is able to put out, but they feel it’s dangerous to stay and decide to spend the night sleeping in the zone. The deep winter continues to get unnaturally cold, and Lelu suffers some minor frostbite.

They decide they must continue their mission to The Other Ark. They make it through the hospital zone and into the next, where they discover more Industrial Ruins and a mostly intact shooting range with a strange phenomenon – a sandstorm tornado which is focused and persistent. They decide to risk it and investigate, and they’re able to find a couple artifacts. Unfortunately, the storm catches Juey and Victor before they can escape, and they both go down with non-life threatening critical injuries.

The party will continue their trek to The Other Ark.



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