For a Handful of Water

Patient Zero and Poking the Hornet Nest

Week 9

The next morning, the zone expedition checked on their exit route – the rope over the razor-wire, only to find it missing. The group formulated a plan to get into “Steve’s” room and find their rope and arrow – and anything else of value they could. Unfortunately, the plan went awry when their pre-arranged signal didn’t happen.

The group was split with Juey guarding the entrance to the hospital from strangers spotted in the zone. Lelu and Laslow were lead into the hospital by Steve and directed to the front desk for medical attention. Crackers and Victor got into the storage room and found a couple artifacts, but didn’t learn much more.

Meanwhile inside, Lelu was checked in by unit 4ur0r4 and she and Laslow were taken to a room on the 4th floor. The “nurse” seemed quite concerned and told them to wait for a doctor to arrive. After the nurse left, they decided it was best to not wait.

Everyone met up outside and reported what they found, Juey had heard some gunshots and a large number of vehicles driving by somewhere close, so when red lights started flashing in the hallways, they decided to check the perimeter of the hospital area. The razor-wire barrier was intact, but when they returned to the one open door to the hospital, it was shut.

The group decided to try and get back in through Steve’s door, and when he let them in, he let them know there was a lockdown of the hospital because there was a patient missing (who could that be?) The group quickly found themselves facing a couple of the heavily armed and armored bots from the 5th floor, and in a split second decision between going along with the guards and resisting them, the group opted for violence.



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