Tag: The Other Ark


  • The Chairman

    The Chairman is consumed by his desire for power and control. He views himself as a divine being. He is skinny and pale, and wears a black robe and a hood to protect his translucent skin.

  • Krin

    Krin is a lanky dark haired mutant. She wears a long cloak with a hood over her head and goggles. She naturally sticks to the shadows and moves silently. Krin has long felt uncomfortable with The Chairman's rule, and as more men have been taken to be …

  • Naphta

    Naphta is a medium height, shaved head, mild mannered mutant. She wears a heavy leather jacket and goggles. She uses a holster to hold a variety of tools wherever she goes. Naphta is staying out of any conflict between members of her Ark and The …

  • Rebeth

    Rebeth is tall, wears her black hair in a long ponytail. In her 4 arms, she carries her ranged and melee weapon, as well as 2 road-sign shields (a "Wrong Way" and "Stop" sign). The signs will be on her back most of the time. She also has a suit of Riot …