Tag: Boss Jeff


  • Nelma

    Nelma is abnormally tall and heavily built, and has a deformed, hairless head. She lives only to make her Boss happy, and she is very unreasonable.

  • Grit

    Grit is skinny and weak, with a red bandana over long black hair. His hands are stained permanently green, and he coughs frequently. He now takes orders from Nelma mostly just to have someone to follow. Grit dreams of leaving the misery in the Ark. The …

  • Tatianna

    Tatianna is exceptionally beautiful for a mutant, and her mutation only enhances it. Her long white hair is clean and groomed, and her stripes of small dots cause the illusion of shapes on her skin where exposed (which is a lot). Tatianna got into …

  • Jeff

    Jeff is short and green skinned, and has horrible breathe. He dresses nice, but also has a set of armor for when things get rough. Always armed and attended with a group of Enforcers. He sees himself as the Kingpin of The Ark and wants to be an …