The Chairman's Right Hand Woman


Strength – 5
Agility – 4
Wits – 2
Empathy – 3

Fight – 4
Move – 2
Shoot 3
Endure – 3

- Bodyguard (p65)
- Never Surrender (p67)

- Four Armed, Extreme Reflixes (p74), 6 MP

- Scrap Rifle (1, 2d, long, three barreled), 6 bullets, Spiked Bat (2, 2d, arms length), Shield Armor (3), Shield Armor (3), Kevlar Vest (+6)


Rebeth is tall, wears her black hair in a long ponytail. In her 4 arms, she carries her ranged and melee weapon, as well as 2 road-sign shields (a “Wrong Way” and “Stop” sign). The signs will be on her back most of the time. She also has a suit of Riot Armor from the old age, which she will put on when danger is about.

Rebeth is fiercely loyal to The Chairman, and is always looking to win his approval. She’s always at his side when anyone is present with him.


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