Gearhead for The Other Ark


Strength – 2
Agility – 3
Wits – 5
Empathy – 3

Fight – 1
Shoot – 3
Jury Rig – 3

- Motorhead (p63)

- Pathokinesis (p75), 3 MP

- Bicycle Chain (1, 1d, near), Scrap Pistol (1, 2d, short), 4 bullets, Leather Armor (+2)


Naphta is a medium height, shaved head, mild mannered mutant. She wears a heavy leather jacket and goggles. She uses a holster to hold a variety of tools wherever she goes.

Naphta is staying out of any conflict between members of her Ark and The Chairman. She’s got a good position where she’s well respected for her skill and afforded a lot of freedom to work. She never had a male partner, and thus never lost anyone to The Chairman’s scheme. She’s very mild mannered, but isn’t afraid to fight if motivated.


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