Cap'n Poop

Secret Mushroom Farmer; 1st victim of murderer


Strength – 3
Agility – 2
Wits – 2
Empathy – 4

Endure – 2
Fight – 1
Sneak – 1


- Spores (p76), 2 MP

- Improvised Spear (+1, 1d, near)


Capn Poop is a short squat man with patchy white hair on his face and head. His clothes are in very poor shape, hanging off him in tatters, and heavily soiled. He nearly always has a long staff with a blade at the end of it. There is a constant odor about him, due to his poor control of his spores.

Capn Poop is a friendly happy fellow, who is well loved among The People. Nearly everyone know him or at least knew of him. It was thought that he spent a lot of time on lower levels of The Ark, where most do not travel.

UPDATE: Capn Poop was the first person murdered after the Threat card “Murder in the Ark” was drawn. The murderer still hasn’t been located and continues to kill.

Cap'n Poop

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