For a Handful of Water

Kidnappings and Health Care

Week 8

The heroes started the night with an assembly where they cast their die – they decided to continue building the cropland around the Ark in an effort to slow the starvation of The People. Juey knew this would probably anger Boss Jeff more than last week, but there was no love lost there. After the work had begun, Jeff and his gang approached Juey and let him know that his woman, Tatyanna had been taken by the other Ark when they left – in retaliation for not starting the Slave Market as they had agreed.

The treachery had only begun, as the next day the other Ark showed up with 3 war busses loaded with well armed fighters, and requested that The People provide 10 workers to aid in building defenses of the other Ark. After they left with 5 men and 5 women, the group decided something had to be done.

They left and made it through a couple zone sectors before they stumbled upon a building which was heavily fortified and nearly unscathed by time. They found a way in past the barrier and explored the building, finding a number of automatons still in operation. They avoided most of them, with the exception of unit 573v3, who seemed indifferent to their tresspass. They decided to explore most of the hospital, which took the entire day, so they camped out in some patient rooms, and left the fate of the captives at The Other Ark, for another day.



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