For a Handful of Water

Did someone just leave the keys in the ignition?!

Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.

The group moves on from the shooting range and is faced with the decision of passing through a new/unexplored sector or heading back through a sector they know has a high level of rot. They decide to go with the danger they don’t know instead of the danger they know.

Despite the sun getting low in the winter sky and the temperature starting to drop, the group decides to press on. As they’re about to head out of the ruins, they hear another party sneaking along a main boulevard. They recognize them as a zone expedition from The Other Ark. Since the group is well armed and armored, they decide to wait until they pass.

As they’re waiting, a noise at the back of the building they’re in raises “pup’s” hackles. They find unit 573v3 (Steve) at the back of the building. He says he’s looking for Lelu and returns the rope & arrow she left at the hospital. He also asks if she still needs medical aid, and seems genuinely concerned for her well being. The group debates whether to go back to the hospital (hoping that Steve will get them past security), but in the end decides that the troubles with the Ark are more pressing.

They press on, and Lelu finds a parking garage that’s only partially collapsed. The group feels there might be artifacts inside, so they venture in. The large sticky webs everywhere set off everyone’s danger since, and it’s not long before they are ambushed by giant spiders. The beasts prove very dangerous, and the group takes casualties before they finally prevail. There are more spiders staying at the edge of their light, but the beasts don’t close in.

Just as they’re ready to give up, they come to a section of the garage with a large untility bucket truck surrounded by orange cones. Crackers is excited at the opporunity to claim his first automobile, and with a few quick repairs he gets it started! There’s a flipped VW beetle in the way, but the group works together to get it filpped out of the way (fuelled by Cracker’s rage at the thought of losing his new toy).

The group realizes night has fallen, but they don’t want to stay in the garage (full of spiders), but aren’t ready to press on to The Other Ark, so they decide to drive 2 sectors back to the hospital, which Steve says he can get them in through the razor wire.

Unfortunately, they only make it a half mile or so, when they round a corner to find a group of 15 startled zone ghouls standing in the road. The group panics and decide to plow their way through the group, successfully, but with their new truck taking enough damage to disable it (gear bonus down to 0). As it rolls 100 yards down the road to a stop, and faced with a big battle or abandoning their rig, they choose to flee – vowing to return for their precious transport.



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